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Chris Acuña Photography

Still Alive

I haven’t updated in a while, but I assure you that I am alive and well and very busy for that matter! 2013 has already been a very rewarding year and is shaping up to bring some exciting adventures. Here’s a random photo with a promise to myself that I will update more regularly. This photo was taken in Central Park during one of my walks through the city. I thought I had seen all of the park (or at least most of it), but when I discovered this area it was like stumbling across a whole new world. It sounds silly, especially to those that frequently visit this side of the park, but for me it was pretty cool! I had fun exploring this new area that is hidden in the center of the park.

Have a great weekend!

Central Park Atrium

Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant Mountains

The massive mountain range in Patagonia, Chile hides behind the veil of the clouds. During my recent drive to Torres del Paine national park, we stopped at a small town called Puerto Natales which is basically the last sign of civilization before hitting the long dirt roads that lead through the mountains. It also happens to be an important port town for all cargo ships that are making the journey through the region. We stopped for lunch and had a short photo shoot to stretch our legs. I’m a big fan of driving along the countryside without a tour group because it gives you the opportunity to stop whenever you like and make photos. It was about seven hours total that we spent on the road on a drive that will usually take about four hours. Needless to say, we were stopping frequently along the path.

The River Wild

The River Wild

Patagonia has some impressive rapids and waterfalls. The scenery here was unbelievably picturesque. Rapid moving water with towering volcanic rock formations in the background. What more could you ask for? The location I was standing to make this photo was probably not the safest, but there was no one around to stop me so I made the carful climb over to a rock in the middle of the river and set up for some photos. It was starting to get really windy and the mist from the waterfall was soaking the front lens of my camera so I didn’t stay out there for too long. Felt great to just be out there so I took a moment to just take in all of my surroundings.

London Eye

Exploring the city lights at night has become one of my favorite activities when I am traveling. It is so interesting to see how the atmosphere of the city changes as the sunlight fades and the glow of the city takes over. London is especially magical because the city itself is very colorful and there is no lack of color in the streets when nightfall arrives. Pictured below is the London Eye from across the river. At this point in my trip I was already exhausted and starving, but I kept moving forward to take in as much of the sights as I could before I had to leave.

London Eye

Streets of London

Just around the corner from Westminster Abbey. It was an empty street with no one around and all these cars lined up perfectly. I really loved exploring the city of London with my camera. The architecture continued to surprise me and always had such character with the intricate designs and variety of brick color.

Streets of London

Across The Pond

Back from another adventure across the globe. This time I was in England on a business trip that gave me a couple of days to explore London and other small towns in the area. It was cold and wet the majority of the time. The weather was not the best for photos, but I did manage to escape the overcast skies and see the sun during one of my last days there. This photo is from the world famous Tower Bridge that lights up really nice at night. I was able to catch a sunset there and it wasn’t the best, but much better than I expected with no rain so I was a happy traveller as my trip came to an end.

London, Tower Bridge Sunset


On another note, I realize I have not been updating this site regularly and am on a mission to change that. Time has not been on my side to kick off 2013. Great things are happening, but it has been very chaotic and today was the first day that I really had a moment to get some of my own personal things sorted out. Thanks for visiting!

Twilight in Santiago

Santiago de Chile, a city I wish I had more time to explore and get to know. The place where I was staying had a spectacular view of the city and faced the west so the sunsets from here were amazing.  I enjoy all times of the day, but the period right after the sun goes down continues to be one of my favorites for city shots. There is still color in the sky from the fading sunlight and the lights of the city come alive.

Santiago Twilight

Southern Exposure

I return from an incredible journey in Chile!
I spent that past two weeks visiting family and exploring the South American country with my beautiful girlfriend and it was quite the adventures. I returned with new experiences under my belt, Many stories to tell, and tons of photographs to share. I also returned to work the very next day, which was fine by me, but also left me with little to no time at all at this point. Keep an eye out for many many photos to come over the next few weeks.

I spent the last month of 2012 traveling across the globe so I will be sharing my experiences and photographs with you here. I know I am a week late, but: Happy New Year everyone! 2012 was an excellent year for me personally and professionally. We also survived the apocalypse yet again, so let’s make 2013 an even better year!

Here is a photo of Torres del Paine in Patagonia, which I spent a few days exploring so you can expect plenty more photos of these beautiful mountains real soon!

Torres del Paine



Probably the most unique building in Tirana and the most colorful under the right lighting conditions. Most of my free time was during the late evening hours during my visit to Albania so I made it a point to go out and photograph the city at night. This city square is small enough to explore on foot so I made my way there during my final night in the city. It was raining and very cold, but that has never stopped me from going out and exploring and this night was no exception. This particular structure sits in darkness at night and I’m not quite sure what the building is used for these days so I set-up my tripod and a long exposure to make sure I captured all of the surrounding colors and lights.

Long Nights & Endless Days

Croatian Nights

Greetings! I return from a two week journey across eastern Europe where my work took me to different countries where new experiences and sights surrounded me. My work required me to spend the majority of my time focused on accomplishing daily tasks and in-depth reporting as well as business development, but that does not mean that all of my time was dedicated to work!

My camera traveled alongside me, as it usually does, and we had plenty of opportunities to explore the different cities and capture the life around me through landscapes, people, and general details I found interesting. If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen several images which I have shared from my travels during my time away, but the best is yet to come. I photographed many scenes with my iPhone, but the bulk of the photos were made with my D800 and there are plenty of colorful images to share, which I am very excited about.

The above photo was from my last night in Croatia where I took it upon myself to brave the sub zero temperatures to go out and photograph the city at night. It was a long walk and very cold, but also very rewarding. The images I captured at night with the city glow and the starry night sky over the Adriatic Sea made my efforts well worth it. Please check back here for updates and photographs from my recent adventure.

I will be leaving on December 26th for Chile with my girlfriend and this new adventure is sure to yield many more photographs which I will also be sharing here. Looking forward to the end of 2012 and getting ready to start off 2013 with a bang so I hope you all are ready as well!

Here is a photo of me at a spot I stopped to photograph the city. This overlook was incredible and the city has a beautiful and majestic glow at night that really inspires. Many more will be coming soon!

Chris Acuna in Croatia

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